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Dosage and administration

As with all other medicines available on prescription, when taking Ultram you should follow the instructions given by your doctor or as set out in the notes included in the box. If there is anything you do not understand. always ask your doctor or pharmacist to explain. Once you start taking Ultram, tell your doctor if you feel that it is not helping your pain. It is most important that decisions about your health are taken by a professional aware of all the risks.

If taking this drug proves a success (which it does in the majority of people who take it), you may be tempted to sing its praises to your friends. Talking about this drug is not a problem, but you should never give Ultram to anyone for them to try. Ultram can be addictive to alcoholics or those who have dependence problems with prescription and recreational drugs. The fact that you are allowed to take this drug under medical supervision and not experience a problem does not mean that others will be so lucky. Let your friends go and get proper medical advice before taking this medication.

Ultram is supplied in 50mg tablets for immediate release, and as 100mg, 200mg and 300mg for extended release. If you are using the immediate release tablets, the standard dosage dose is between 50-100mg every 4-6 hours. In the home environment or when allowed by a medical professional, this is for you to control. The maximum safe dose in any 24-hour period is 400mg. Whether you use only a little or up to the maximum is for you to judge given the degree of pain you are experiencing. But there is a problem to overcome. Your body needs to build up tolerance. If you start off by taking the maximum, the risk of adverse side-effects are higher. You should begin by taking only 25 mg on the first day, and then increase by 25mg every three days until you reach 100mg per day. Once you have established baseline tolerance, you can increase the dosage by 50mg every three days to reach 200mg per day. Thereafter, you are in control.

The standard dosage for the extended release tablets is 100mg daily which can be increased by 100mg every five days. The daily maximum is 300mg. You should not crush or chew the extended release tablets, or break open a controlled-release capsule, but swallow them whole with plenty of water. This restriction should be emphasised. All forms of Ultram available on prescription and through online pharmacies are to be taken orally. Under no circumstances should you reduce the tablets to a powder to inhale or mix with liquid for injection. Inhaling or injecting Ultram can put your life at risk. It is too easy to overdose, and Ultram overdoses can be fatal.

Should you forget to take a dose, never double the next dose to "catch up". Take the next dose when you remember. If it is close to the time for taking your “next” dose, take only the one dose. Keep a count of the pills you take and remember that it can be dangerous to exceed the daily dose.

In general terms, there are no requirements about whether to take the tablet before or after food. But, however you decide to take it, be consistent. If you do take a pill after eating a big meal, the level of Ultram may drop slightly in your blood stream and its effect may be slightly diminished — the quantity of food in your stomach slows down the process of absorbing the drug into your blood stream. 

As to storage, you should keep the tablets at room temperature in an airtight container. Avoid excess heat and moisture (so do not keep Ultram in the bathroom). Because of the risk of addiction, you should keep the drugs where others cannot get to them. In particular, you must keep Ultram out of the reach of children. It is a good plan to count the number of tablets you have on a regular basis. People in your household who are abusing the drug may try to take just one or two pills and hope you will not notice. Finally, as soon as you decide to stop taking Ultram, you should throw away any unused tablets. Similarly, you should dispose of any tablets that are out-of-date. If you are worried about safety in disposing of any drugs, ask your pharmacist.